The Best Place to Be

Meet Lexi.  I have the wonderful privilege of being her Sunday School Teacher during weekend services.

After hearing about my miscarriage, Lexi’s mom sat down with the rest of her family to pray for our family.

That same afternoon Lexi happened to have a commercial audition, and being only 4, she didn’t know to leave her faith at home.

Here is a note her mother sent me:    While waiting to be called into the audition, a women held a baby. Lexi goes up to her and says “my favorite teacher miss Kim had a baby, but now the baby is in Jesus’s arms not her tummy.” 

The dad of the baby looked at Lexi and said, “That’s the best place to be”.

 It was amazing!

No doubt! I’m not sure what I find more amazing; that little Lexi boldly spoke her faith in front of a room full of unsuspecting listeners, or that a grown man openly and genuinely validated her message for all to hear.

Having been in many-an-audition-room myself, I take great delight in picturing this scenario…  Tired parents fill the room, waiting with equally adorable children, for a couple of unpredictable minutes in front of a casting director. They may be headed on the path to fame and fortune, but this is the far less glamorous part of the journey. Plenty of kids with cuteness and talent, but only one is needed to fill the role.  Sizing up the competition (some parents exercising less subtlety than others), but all wondering if this might be the role that finally “hits”.  When in reality, the only thing they are guaranteed to “hit” is a lot of traffic on the way home!

Sad, but true, I too am one of those moms who (far too often) sit on the 101 freeway at 5pm wondering if I just wasted 3 hours of my life.  Well, this day, Lexi’s mom is not wondering that at all.  This day, Lexi brought the assuredness of everlasting life into a crowded room of people, who are all there because they have faith in their child and hope for something that is merely temporal. How often have I sat in such a waiting area, needing to put faith and hope into proper prospective?

This just may have been the biggest role of Lexi’s career, and in my opinion;”she nailed it”!

Not to say that the word “Jesus” has never been spoken before in a Hollywood Casting Office, but probably not quite in this same way.  I imagine it has occasionally been thrown out during the heat of the moment.  Perhaps even at a great decibel.  But this day, the still small voice of a little girl with a heart for the Lord, was heard by all.

I would have never guessed that by simply sharing my story with a friend, God would then place it in the heart of one, with “a childlike faith”.  (Matthew 18: 3,4)  We, as adults, often lack such a portable-faith and become insecure when mentioning the name of Jesus as Christ, in an unlikely place with a captive audience.  But the beauty of little kids is that they rarely think too far past the moment, and therefore speak their heart and say whatever is on their minds.  I feel this trait is what gives them a tremendous amount of credibility.

Lexi’s mom ended her note to me by sharing:

When I had lost my last baby I didn’t have Christ in my life. I didn’t process it well cuz I had no understanding. Now I know how precious a life filled with Christ is. I listened to Lexi and she wasn’t distressed she very sincerely understood your baby was safe. Amazing. 13 weeks and look at how your child has effected this world!

Yours too my friend, yours too.

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9 Responses to The Best Place to Be

  1. Rebecca Facer says:

    Love this post Kim! So happy I met you!

  2. Juana Stockham says:

    Amazing! Love this post and shoot…you made me cry again with how beautiful a young child’s faith is.

  3. wynottme? says:

    I love how both comments above were left by 2 moms I met while “on set” at two completely different locations. Rebecca and Juana your the best! You make me want to start another blog and call it, “not all stage moms are crazy”. Thanks for staying grounded with me.

  4. Juana Stockham says:

    I would totally read it!

  5. Juana Stockham says:

    And that you so much Kim, you are truly the best and your son is an amazing kid! Something that happens when you have a great family to help support you and keep you grounded.

  6. Lu says:

    What a sweet story. I love little Lexi, she is the sweetest little girl. Love this story.

  7. Francine says:
    God is good.

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