Jeremiah’s Journey

Each time I think I have written my final post on this topic…something so big happens – I just have to share…
If you have been keeping up with my blog you already know that I felt lead to name my baby Jeremiah.  My initial reasoning was driven from the biblical truth in Jeremiah 1:5 that states: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.
Despite my baby’s tiny and lifeless disposition, I knew from the moment I scooped him up and looked into his piercing blue eyes that his journey was not over. With God, nothing is wasted, and in my core – I knew He would use this little life for something more than just me to be in awe of.
Only days after naming my baby Jeremiah, I noticed something odd on my blog’s “Site Stats”. I was getting nearly 100 views a day and they were all for the “Dear Baby” blog post. I then looked over at the Search Engines and saw that Google Image was the primary source leading people to my blog.
Sure enough, when I typed in 13 week fetus on Google Image – little Jeremiah’s photo, in the palm of my hand, was among the many images that popped up. I later learned, as my blog is open to the public, so are the images that appear on it.
At first, I found this jarring, “How do I get it off? I don’t want people seeing the picture without knowing the story! How will total strangers comprehend such an image?!”
I then compared him to the other images on the page. I have to admit; he did stand out. The others were mostly cute plastic replicas, or sonograms from inside the womb, or even in pieces from what I assume to be photos taken after abortions.
Jeremiah was very different. When I clicked on his image, it enlarged; but was blurred. I noticed at the bottom was a link, leading viewers to my blog. Upon clicking on this, I was relieved to see that if people wanted to view the picture clearly, they were going to have to look at it beside the letter. This offered not only proof that the photo was authentic but the blatant recognition that this was actually someones baby.
Reminding myself that God has always been in charge of this amazing life, I let go of my apprehension. I forced myself to trust that even He was bigger than the World Wide Web and His control was still in affect. What He did next, I did not see coming…
Over the next 3 months the visits to my blog doubled and as of today there are over 10,000 views. As if this isn’t amazing enough…I stumbled upon an icon that says, “View Countries”.  When I clicked it, I learned that this baby (along with the Dear Baby letter) had already been to over 70 countries.jeremiahas journey

Jeremiah 1:5 goes on to say, I have appointed you a prophet to the nations. When I chose this name, I skimmed over this 2nd half of the verse. I was convinced that this part did not apply to my situation. I am now reminded that all God’s words are true (Psalm 119:160), we cannot pick and choose which parts apply to us.
So, as promised, this baby has gone Global. The desire to know the truth about the unborn is Universal. Looking at the shaded regions on the map above, and visualizing the places this baby has gone; gives me chills. Spreading the knowledge that life is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). Hearts, all over the world, are being pricked by little Jeremiah.
I often think back to a comment that was left by a visitor, under the Dear Baby post: “This baby bridges the gap between Pro Life and Pro Choice.”
This photo is not about politics or religion or even one’s personal beliefs – it’s just a fact. Evidence of life from the start, for all the world to see. Go Jeremiah, go!

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3 Responses to Jeremiah’s Journey

  1. Lu says:

    KIm…this is so awesome! Beautifully written!

  2. Chris Gordon says:

    Awe inspiring! Thanks for taking the time to share as you choose to follow HIM!

  3. What a fabulous story. I am going to share this blog with some of my other pro-life friends. You are an inspiration!

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