Touching Eternity


Two years ago today, God chose me to be the mother of a little life that would leave the palm of my hand, and then touch eternity in a powerful way. While I realize there is no possibility of knowing all the ways Jeremiah’s beautiful image is impacting this world, here is what I do know:

*Thanks to God and Google, his photograph and story have been viewed in 99 different countries.
*I have been asked by High School students, a number of times, if they may use this Blog and the picture to present at their school, in their Pro-Life Speeches.
*Last January I was asked to start a Miscarriage Support Group where 12 women, husbands and even a grandmother were in attendance. Out of the 12, seven were new believers or wanting to rekindle their faith due to their miscarriage. We started a Small Group back in March and have been meeting weekly ever since. Two of them were baptized in October.
*”In His Arms Miscarriage Ministry” will be offered again at Shepherd of the Hills Church beginning Jan. 30,2014. Sign-ups have already begun.
* I have lost count of the 2nd-hand-stories that have come to me, boasting Jeremiah’s healing power. One such story came to me just yesterday. I have removed any names and with the sender’s blessing, have copied and pasted it below; just as it appeared in a message to me via Facebook…

I hope you remember me. I saw you at church tonight and I wanted to talk to you but the service was about to start. After church I couldn’t find you. I just wanted to tell you a quick story. Because we have mutual friends on Facebook, I saw a comment one of my friends made to you when you lost your baby. I asked about what happened and I think she sent me a link to your blog and I saw the picture of your baby boy. I showed my girls at the time 16 and 14 and used it as a way to talk to them about how babies are not just a blob of nothing, even at 12 weeks and how abortion is so wrong. We were fascinated at how developed he was and we cried when we read you story about him. Fast forward early November 2013, my 17 year old asked me about you and wanted to see Jeremiah’s picture. I showed it to her. By the way, we just Googled it and there he was under 13 week old fetus. Anyway, a few weeks later did I get the shock of my life when she told me she was 3 weeks pregnant. My daughter seriously contemplated abortion out of fear and shame. Her biggest worries were that people at Church would think I was a bad mother because she was pregnant and she was afraid her sister would be mistreated at School because of her pregnancy. Isn’t it sad that the very places (church and Christian schools) that tell us to be pro-life and that abortion is so wrong are the places that young girls fear will shun them the most? Thank God my daughter made the right decision and one of the turning points for her choice was Jeremiah’s picture. Thank you for sharing your story because you saved my Grandson’s life. His name is most likely going to be Elijah but Jeremiah was what I would have named him if he were my son. Thank you again and God bless you.

My reply:
Thank you for sharing this with me. I am in tears over what God continues to do with this little life. Tomorrow will be 2 years since he came into our world and impacted it greatly.
I can’t wait to meet Elijah. May he too live up to such a powerful name, just as Jeremiah has.
Well, I’m off to church, for the first time this weekend. Funny…that must have been an angel you saw last night, for I wasn’t there. A reminder that God always makes a way for His stories to be told.

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One Response to Touching Eternity

  1. Such a touching post, Kim! Life is truly miraculous and amazing. Your son has made such an enormous impact on our world and so have you. 🙂

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